Gutter Replacement and when to do it

Replacing your gutter is incredibly important in a number of scenarios, when your gutters are leaking, the design of the gutters doesn’t match what you want for your house, maybe you bought it with a style of gutters you weren’t overly keen on. Bad gutters can also be a safety hazard, a damaged gutter or its supports could collapse on a heavy rain day. It could damage your property or worse yet it could hurt you or a family member.

You need to make sure that you are keeping an eye out for warning signs that your gutter system needs to be cleaned, repaired or even replaced. Do not just assume that your house is always going to be in good working order, the damage you could incur could be prevented by simply following some simple steps.

1. Cracks or splits of any kind

Even a small crack in your gutter is a problem, a smallish crack might seem like it isn’t that important but even the smallest of cracks will turn into bigger ones eventually. This might actually happen much faster than you think. The other problem with a crack or split is that water dripping running through the crack will damage the outside edges of the split, the water could also run onto other surfaces and damage them over time.

2. Pools of water or signs of mildew around your home’s foundation

Gutters are obviously made in a way that is designed to keep water away from your home’s foundation. If you are looking around your house after a storm and you start to notice pools of water or mildew near your foundation this can indicate that your gutters are not directing water away from your house as well as they should be. This may not require you to replace your gutters as it could be something as simple as a clog. Examine your gutters regularly.

3. Paint peeling on or around your gutters

Gutters are typically painted with a paint that withstands normal wear and tear of a rainy season. However if you are noticing your paint is peeling off your gutters and they aren’t particularly old. If you see this happening or perhaps you see little orange flecks around the place this is a sign that rust is beginning, it can also be a indication that water is constantly present.

Any of these factors may be a reason for you to consider replacing your gutter but there can be others too.