10 Roof Restoration Safety Tips: Jetlag Mag Guide102

There are many roof restoration and construction tips ignored by the people at the site, here are a few construction safety tips for roofers, house painters and pressure cleaners who may work at heights.

  1. Equipment-

Entering and exiting a machine is one of the causes of injuries especially for forklift drivers. Make sure to check your gloves and boots, clear off any mud if any. Use a step ladder to access when there is no hand or foothold kept. Avoid carrying any object while climbing.

  1. Loading/unloading equipment-

There is a risk of the machine to roll over when it is being loaded or unloaded. To prevent this, make sure you are centered on the ramps and have to stay straight. Even on level ground, there is a risk of machine roll-over during loading or unloading.

  1. Crowding the work area-

People next to the ground must keep a distance from the machine’s operating area. To avoid such situations, use the horn to warn people to stay back or stop the machine if needed.

  1. Swing radius-

Make sure to know the swing radius of the machine before using it in the operating area. You should rope off the swing radius around the machine, allow and use a spotter to keep all people clear from danger.

  1. Operating on slopes-

Always take extra precautions when working on slopes. It is easy to take a load up the slope but getting down can be dangerous, so make sure to know the limit of the machine before climbing the slope and do not push it.

  1. Obstructions-

Overhead obstructions are common in the work area which includes electrical lines, water, sewer, gas, and telecom, etc. Mark, the overhead lines, continue to use caution even after they have marked as there can be chances of error. Dig using the hand when you get closer to the mark.

  1. Reversing-

Check the machine’s surroundings before moving. If your vision is impaired, then use a spotter to guide you. Make use of the wide-angle mirrors fitted for the best view of the surface. Using rear-mounted cameras are becoming more useful as the technology improves.

  1. Machine upset-

Number one rule while operating a machine is to use a seat belt. An operator will not be reminded to wear a seat belt even if the door’s closed. It can decrease the amount you will bounce around the machine in an upset machine situation. The operators must know the stability characteristics of the machine.

  1. Instability of load-

Make sure to keep the people clear when the load is being lifted or handled. Send away the people to a safe distance when a pipe is moved around, never lift a load over people. Operators must understand that there limitations that should be observed and that safety is primary.

  1. Follow safety signs and procedures-

The workers must read and understand the signs and procedure given at the construction site. Safety signs can help the workers in understanding what to do during a situation in the operating area.