Buying a Home? What’s the Roof Like? – Things To Look Out For

Check the Roof and Guttering

Buying a new house is a big decision that involves a large sum of money. Before you jump into a rash choice on first impressions, it’s a good idea to dig a bit deeper and properly access the house. The roof is a good place to start as it’s one of the most costly items to fix or replace. A quick visual inspection can put your mind at ease and to be sure It’s worth getting a roofing expert to do an inspection if you have any concerns. Of course not all issue can be found on the roof. By looking at the ceilings inside for any evidence of water damage or rot. Also you should check the guttering to determine if there are any blockages or damaged down pipes, again get you roofing contractor to do an inspection to put you mind at ease.

Check the Electrical Cables and Switchboard

Older home can have issue with perished cables and old switchboards may not meet your local council regulations. Another important thing to check when buying a house is the standard and condition of your household electrical systems. Make sure a safety switch has been installed, also called an earth leakage system. This will trip the circuit breaker if any current has been shorted to earth thus protecting your family and equipment from serious harm or damage. A qualified local electrician can inspect your potential new home and advise you of any shortcommings.